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  House call. Dr. Oliver Hunt Howe, about 1890.

Notes on Sources

This Genealogy is based on the Howe Genealogies by Daniel Wait Howe published in 1929 by NEHGS of the brothers Abraham Howe of Roxbury and James Howe of Ipswich, John Howe of Marlborough, and other original Howe settlers, augmented by my own and my family's research. Dr. Howe, pictured above was of the researchers of the Howe Genealogis. Facts where no source is given, should be attributed to the published text. The information was compiled in Family Tree Maker, saved as a GEDCOM file, and translated into web pages by The Next Generation software.

The Coat of Arms at the upper right is a copy of the Coat of Arms hanging in the Wayside Inn and printed in the Howe Family Gathering book.

(database last updated 3 September 2022)

Feature Articles

feature 1 More Howe Sources of Information Follow this link to see more good sources of information, such as the published books at Higginson Books.

feature 2 The Howe Family Gathering The published Howe Genealogies got their origin from the Howe Family Gathering at Harmony Grove, Framingham, MA in 1871. All known Howe's were invited and asked to bring all the genealogical records they could. From the information gathered, nearly 60 years of research followed, resulting the publication in 1929 by the NEHGS of the two volume Howe Genealogies by Daniel Wait Howe and contributed to by many others. This link goes to a copy of the record of the gathering. It is also available in print from Higginson Books.

feature 3 The Wayside Inn The Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Mass., memorialized in Tales of a Wayside Inn by Longellow was also known as the Howe Tavern. It was owned and run by the Howe family for generations.

feature 4 Walt Howe Walt is the researcher and compiler of this genealogy web site, and owes credit to the work of many others in assembling this information. Walt is a 4th generation genealogist. His grandftaher and great-grandfather were at the Howe Family Gathering referenced above.

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